Shelly Ann Mcleod

Vice Principal, Caribbean Folk: Trinidad

Shelly Ann was born on the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago into a family heavily involved in the arts . She started singing in church choir at the age of 4, where she quickly gained the position of lead singer, then eventually soloist. She began formal dance training at age 11 with Les Enfants dance company. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of various forms of Caribbean Folk dance styles from various islands & across Trinidad’s vast culture gleaned from years of study with many of the Keepers of the islands dance, song, & music. She has travelled the Caribbean representing Trinidad & Tobago at various dance festivals where she was also invited to teach classes ranging from beginners to advanced dancers & other artists. Shelly Ann was awarded & accepted a scholarship from the University of the West Indies to read in the program of Dance & Dance Education in 2004.

In 2006 she was awarded & accepted another scholarship from COBA, Collective Of Black Artists in Toronto, Canada, where she did intense training in their Professional Apprenticeship Training Program.
She is now full time company member, faculty, spokes-person & board liaison as well as Vice Principal of the new COBA Performance Institute (CPI). In 2007 Shelly Ann was recognized by her primary school, La Romaine R.C, for outstanding Alumni & contribution towards the community through arts & culture. In August 2016 she became Dance & Movment Professor at Seneca, York University Campus, and Movement professor in January 2018 at Toronto Film School. To add to her list of talents Shelly Ann also sings/ writes Calypsos & other genres of music, plays steel pan & other percussion instruments.