N'deré Adeifa

Artistic Director, West African: Guinee, Mali, Senegal

N'deré Adeifa was born the only child of two artists & the youngest member of their professional performance collective; COBA. Adeifa received a arts packed education in both music & dance on a daily basis from as early as he can remember. He has studied with master dancers & musicians from from all over the globe including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North/South America, & various Caribbean Islands.  He has had training in dance Styles ranging West African, Vagnova Ballet, Limon,  Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Horton, Caribbean Folk, Hip-Hop/Breaking, House, & European Folk Dance. Adeifa furthered his dance education by attending both the Claude Watson School for the Arts & Etobicoke School of the Arts, where he broadened his understanding of movement and body mechanics that has become the foundations of his teaching style & philosophies. In 2011 Adeifa focussed his attentions on sharing his knowledge of Traditional West African Dance/Music imparted to him by many Jali’s (ancient families who keep culture), & artists. He has studied in & out of continent with many known names in styles spanning the countries of Guinee, Mali, and Senegal such as; Alassane Sarr, Amara Kante, M’Bemba Bangoura, Robin Hibert, Ramon Sylla, Dethié Sarr, Abdou Kounta, Aly Traore, & many more. Since 2011, Adeifa has shared his art with children, adults, beginners & professionals alike all over the country and aims to bring a different level of prominence, & codification to preserve the craft of African Dance & Music.