DRUM Program

Beginner (Ages 6+)

Students learn basic technique from both Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean rhythms and chants. 

Drum Talk/ Oral Training (Sound Mimicking/Interpretation)

Students learn to verbalizing techniques (Drum Talk) for both learning & practicing rhythmic patterns.

Arm Strength, Rotary joints and Technique Training

Physical exercises designed to help a beginner student develop proper technique, hand coordination & speed before touching a drum.

Percussive Rudiment Exercises

Designed from various disciplines of hand percussion, these exercises cover all the major sounds found on a flat surface.The exercises will also associate the student with a few rudimentary musical time signatures as well cover a few basic Afro Karribean accompaniments & breaks. (drum patters/phrases)

Digging Deep

The training in this section is all about agility strength and speed and then even more so it deals with the metaphysical self (this is where the drum itself becomes the communicator of healing) sometimes bringing up child hood or rather cross roads in ones life were growth & development and evolution is achieved.


This section we work on arrangements using African and Karibbean
Music to develop “Iwa" (great social, cooperation & Performance character). This also will include room for self-evaluation.


Photos By: ImaJing