Dance Program

The CPI Dance Program is broken down into a total of 4 levels spanning ages 3-18. Each level is delicately designed to appropriately assist our students in both the study & development of their dance & performance skills. Students have the opportunity to train in courses that are all specially designed with a curriculum based in an Africanist understanding of Body, Mind & Spirit. Our mission is to arm CPI students with both technical & cultural fortitude to one day enter & excel in the professional world of dance or any other field. Level allocation at the CPI is solely ability based, so we do not associate or discriminate talent based on age.  Students therefore, are not limited, to participating in one general class level for the entire program (e.g. student who is in Dance 1 Técníca can be placed in Dance 2 African if deemed acceptable by both the faculty and students Parents). 


CPI Students will study the techniques, styles, skills of the vibrant dance & music of Africa (a country per term). Each semester students will deconstruct the ins and outs of a different dance from a different Region OR Country, all filled with its own rich cultural context. Throughout the three levels of the course students will develop their proficiency in Dance Technique, Dance Recognition, Rhythm Understanding, Solo Selection, Performance Value/Expression and many other facets of Dance & general body understanding that can be transferred & applied throughout all genres of dance to achieve ease of learning curve in a new style & longevity in our young one’s careers.

In Caribbean Folk students will study the techniques, styles, skills, history, and music of the various Caribbean Islands. Each semester students will study dances from a different Caribbean island and culture. Students will study the cultural historical & political context that informs the many different forms, postures, music & expressions of the Caribbean. Throughout the three levels of the course students will develop their proficiency in Dance Technique, Dance Recognition, Rhythm Understanding, Solo Selection, and Performance Value/Expression.

CPI students will learn a unique technique that combines all technical aspects of Modern Contemporary, Classical Ballet & Indigenous AfroCuban dance. Throughout the three levels of the course students will develop their proficiency in Dance Technique, Retention, Application, Solo work. & Performance Value/Expression.

CPI Students will experience a high-energy program that details a codified study of all styles of Hip-hop dance. Students will learn to hone each technique (e.g. popping/locking, tutting etc.) separately without the distraction of other styles. This format facilitates both an encouraging learning atmosphere but ultimate retention of the in & outs of genre. Classes will also encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.

Afrobeats dance is a fusion of traditional african movements, Hip-Hop, & Dancehall. It is a style that reflects both the innovation & spirit of Africa. In class CPI students will learn the popular movements from yesterday & todays ever growing Afrobeats scene including Azonto, Shaku Shaku, Gwara Gwara, Soukous & much, much more.



Pre-Dance, is where CPI’s youngest start building the foundations of their relationship with movement, gaining both fundamental knowledge & the self- confidence that will lay the ground work for their future education & overall success. This class will focus on the Foundations of Body Awareness and Alignment, Grounding, 

Dance 1


In Dance 1 students begin the 2nd step in their training process. Where as Pre-dance was more dedicated to building coordination confidence, Dance 1 will focus more on the learning to hone technique & physical flexibility. Retention also becomes a very important tool for students as dancers are often required to remember multiple pieces of work.

Dance 2


Students begin taking a more analytical approach to their overall dance understanding & knowledge. Lessons will also include basic Stretch/Strengthening, & Dance History. Dance students will also be encouraged to investigate performance concepts such as; Charisma/Emotion, Spacial Awareness, Technical Awareness, & General Class/ Performance Etiquette (professionalism). Basic Choreographic understanding will also be a focus as students will be learning more intermediate level formations & movement.

Dance 3


In Dance 3 students begin the most comprehensive level of their development in dance. As students will naturally be at the development stage of their own personal expression, the program will congruently reflect on an individual attention to the needs & aspirations of our students. This level will also focus on advanced methods of body training (yoga/pilates, isometric training, anatomical study etc...).