Hip - Hop 

A natural & classically trained Dancer with a focus of Hip Hop Culture evolved through a devoted dance journey that initiated in Winnipeg learning Hip Hop in the areas of Ol Skool, New Skool, Social/ Party Dances to Toronto to learn Entertainment Industry Hip Hop Choreography, Popping, Locking, Waving, Up Rocks, House, Dancehall, Caribbean Folk & Traditional West African Culture training with Collective Of Black Artist.

The Mission of protecting the Art form of Hip Hop Dance through the times & ever developing generations is essential to acknowledging 'who I am'.


Hip Hop Dance training provides the ability to embody complete choreographed works in all dance genres. Our Hip Hop Culture is the collaboration of eager students wanting to influence the expansion of celebrating our diversity via:

• Dance.
• Art.
• Music.
• Movement.

Rhythm, Heart Beats and Breath = Time