Obaya Kwesi


Kwesi is a native of Kairi Lele colonially known as Trinidad & Tobago, being a third-generation member of performing families, Kwesi has been with drums “as far back in time as memory can serve & yet even farther still”. His early childhood life on the isle of the hummingbird was occasionally spent following his father Patrick to drum & dance rehearsal at the Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theater of Trinidad. His Love for Music and the performing Arts has led him to participate with Many Canadian Dance Companies, Steele Orchestras and Musical Bands.

Whether it was Performing with the company or playing for classes & rehearsals Kwesi became heavily involved in the Dance Company Ballet Creole after arriving to Canada in 1992. Around the age of 10 Kwesi joined his sisters training in all forms of Dance at ballet creole and later Etobicoke School of the Arts. Parallel to that he also occasionally sought out lessons by master musician M'bemba Bangoura, many other master Djembefola’s, D’jeli’s and other close friends including those found right here at COBA would intervene & contribute to his artistic growth.