At the New CPI; Students Dance 1 & up, will participate in 2 Assessments per Program Year (10 months). One midway through the year in January (end of Semester 1), & one to the end of the program a month prior to the final recital (end of Semester 2). Assessments will be an integral part of the new CPI model of training which allows us to work closer with both our students & parents at achieving a child’s full potential in dance. In the Assessments, students will demonstrate their knowledge of the semesters prescribed movements and teachings. Assessments will always be overseen by 3 adjudicators from different styles to ensure that all CPI students are given both a fair & incite-full panel, allowing for constructive communication with their instructors, & an overall healthy relationship with dance. 

Students will be evaluated on their application of the following:

  • Technique: Students will be evaluated on their ability to accurately execute the fundamental teachings of the given style. (e.g. posture, alignment, muscular control, footwork, hand position... etc). 

  • Musicality: Students will be evaluated on their ability to apply rhythmic patterns, phrases & overall timing in dance. (e.g. musical cues, dynamics, rhythm, cadence …etc).

  • Dimensions: Students will be evaluated on their use of kinaesthetic space and overall spatial awareness in reference to the choreography. (e.g. spacing, formations, levels, extremities…etc).

  • Retention: Students will be evaluated on their ability to visibly apply , historical/cultural/ technical, & choreographic details covered during the study period. (e.g. spacing, formations, levels, sequence, stylistic/cultural information…etc)

  • Performance: Students will be evaluated on their ability to apply various Elements of Performance (craftsmanship) to their presentation (e.g. charisma, character, emotion, positioning, dynamics, nuances... etc). 

  • Professionalism: Students will be evaluated on their Dance Performance etiquette (e.g. composure, studio etiquette, posture, preparation, interaction, presentation...etc). 

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