Our Mission...

CPI is about an experience. An experience dedicated to the Nurturing, Development, & Refinement of young Artists ages 3 and up, into young professionals. Our mission is to make arts education more for our students than just moving their bodies; but a brand of education that results in a deeper understanding of Movement, Performance Values, Choreographic Design, Body Health, Career Longevity, Arts Business & much more. Armed with these tools, CPI graduates will have the fortitude to better compete in all aspects of the field. 


At CPI, we pride ourselves in preserving & presenting the highest level of dance & music that reflect and celebrate an Africanist Aesthetic. We specialize in dance techniques indigenous to Africa and the Caribbean Islands & make the sharing of this these traditions a staple of our school. We passionately celebrate our ability to offer our students a more culturally versatile range of knowledge & education giving them a greater advantage at the professional level.


Photos By: Taha Arshad


Shelly Ann Mcleod

Vice Principal

Caribbean Folk

N'dere Adeifa

Artistic Director

West African


Vice Principal/Parent Laison

Pre Dance